Vedic Meditation Teacher Training Germany

Vedic Meditation Initiator Training specifically for vedic meditators who have learnt from independent VM teachers. 

This is a complete and intensive training over two years of deep, one-to-one instruction of not only the Vedic Meditation Puja and Mantras, but also deep knowledge around the origins of the ancient practice, with an intensive on-site teacher training in India. 

New Vedic Meditation Initiators

Learn exclusively with the most experienced teacher in Europe, with over a 10 years of teaching full-time and traditionally – Ed Vero.    

One of the youngest teachers to ever complete the Vedic Meditation teacher training, Ed’s lifelong dedication to the origins of this ancient practice are known all over the world with masterful teachers trained in Switerland, Portugal, Netherlands, and Spain.

Develop not only the skills to teach, but also powerful techniques of awareness that impart the state of consciousness that’s needed to thrive as a professional full-time teacher. 

Ed’s approach to meditation has always been human, humble and steeped in study and research into the most ancient origins of Vedic Meditation Practice. Fluent in Hindi, he’s traveled to many traditional and rare locations of the tradition to further understand this practice to the highest degree. 

Our perfect student is one who is interested in tradition, and dedicated to the depth of these traditions, but is also individual and grounded in their approach and respect for them. 

Ed was famously a skeptic of meditation from the beginning, and to this day, strives to make even the deepest topics realistic and relevant to modern life and culture. 

This teacher training is uniquely developed for those who’ve learnt Vedic Meditation online, on retreat, or are even trained teachers connected to practices that have their origins in Vedic Meditative practice. 

With this meditation teacher training at the highest level, you’ll gain:

  • All levels of beginner and advanced mantras
  • All levels of the siddhis and advanced practice
  • Qualification of the ’rounding technique’ a powerful practice that gives the teacher the skills to hold weekend retreats
  • Perfection of the practice of Guru Puja with pronunciation and deep understanding of sanskrit
  • Unique and rare ancient literature related to the original Shakaracharya Matts from which this technique came
  • In-depth overview of layers of awareness and how to convey them clearly to your students 
  • Understand each day of the four-day vedic meditation course in extensive detail, so you have the capacity to answer any and all questions from any level of meditation student 
  • Develop rich understanding of the difficulties that arise with intensive meditation practice. Knowing how to protect your students from overwhelming experiences, and  intelligently manage newly-awakened  trauma
  • How to claim your role as a teacher, without losing who you are. So you can been seen as an authority, without being put on a pedastool 
  • Empower your own meditation and spiritual practice to the highest-level.
  • Learn clear traditional rules, forms and structures for the perfect passing-on of this respected and ancient practice
  • Have a depth of practice (through the intensity of your training) that inspires confidence in your students, without needing to brag or boast
  • Learn the original Vedic Meditation method in it’s entirety

The best way to uncover your way to Vedic Meditation teacherhood, is to have a quick chat with Ed. He’ll cover any questions, and make the confusion around your path to becoming a VM teacher clearer, while giving you a comprehensive view of all the options available. 

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