The Official Four-Day Vedic Meditation Program

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Course Structure

Vedic Meditation Germany follows the Gold Standard for teaching Vedic Meditation. Each course is held over four sessions with an optional follow-up session – your course will be simple and easy to follow.

Session one

This is your first day:

After receiving your personal mantra you'll get some starting instructions on how to use it.

Having learnt and meditated for the first time, you will walk out of the session feeling refreshed, comfortable and ready to take on the day. It was easier than you thought.

You can pick any time in the day for this first session, 5am till 10pm is fine.

Session two

You have the simple ingredients – now time for the recipe.

You have the very basics of Vedic Meditation, but without careful instruction on how to use them, things can get messy fast.

In this session you get solid understanding – how to make your daily meditation simple, quick and effective – clear and specific answers to important questions every Vedic meditator needs to know.

Session three

Going Deeper: an insiders view on the mechanics of meditation

Gain an impressive knowledge of the mechanics of meditation. When friends or partners ask, you'll know how to clearly explain your daily practice. Why it works, and how it makes sense.

Build a framework of how meditation works, so you can understand meditation for yourself. Learn to be your own teacher.

Session Four

How to Make a Habit: the path ahead

Daily Meditation is a habit like any other. You will enjoy it, but sometimes you will get lazy.

Your Vedic Meditation teacher has been trained in the art of making meditation a daily habit – how to build them, how to keep them, and how to grow them.

Have a professional teacher train, support, and encourage you in building a strong, powerful, support platform for your habit of daily meditation.

Learn how to always have time to meditate.

How much does it cost?
We try our best to make Vedic Meditation the lowest possible price to learn, this opens it up to be accessible for everyone who wants to learn. The beginners course is 4x monthly instalments of €98 –  Included in your course you get ...
Speak with a Teacher
Full, lifetime support

Free Refresher Courses

Establishing a daily practice – Email support series

Free weekly group meditations

Access to Retreats, Worldwide

Reversible: Improved lifestyle or your money back