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All Vedic Meditation teachers have been trained over years to a gold standard. What's more interesting is that each teacher is independent. This means that there's no exact dogma, belief system, or theology for everyone – every teacher is different and individual, just like you.

The only promise a teacher makes is to offer Vedic Meditation with the consistency, precision, and professionalism found in Vedic Meditation teachers worldwide.

Teachers are trained to a high standard with 2 years of dedicated study, followed by 3-4 month of intensive 14hr-a-day deep meditation practice in seclusion. This means your teacher has spent the time to understand meditation on a fundamental level. Your teacher made a promise to teach full-time and give daily meditation practice it's full respect. For your teacher, this isn't a passing fad.

Over the years, the fundamental practice of Vedic Meditation has had many names, but initially, it was the Grahasta technique – a technique designed specifically for people in ancient India to practice, so they could experience everything the monks/yogis in the mountains were ... without having to sit on a cold floor for six years to find it.

It was (and still is), a technique designed for life.

If you have any further questions, simply join a free intro. It costs nothing, and your Vedic Meditation teacher is trained to give you all you need to know in an approachable, human and transparent way. It's the easiest way to get to know if Vedic Meditation feels right for you, without having to feel like you have to commit at all.

Qualified Vedic Meditation Teachers Worldwide

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Georgia Vavasour:

For Vedic Meditation in New Zealand 


Gemma Beckley:

For the Transcedental Meditation Trust in U.K


Rory Kinsella:

For Vedic Meditation Sydney

Matt Cardone:

Matt Cardone Meditation in Florida