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Certified Courses from Professional Teachers in West Germany
Vedic Meditation courses for Cologne can be held each month, with One-on-One or Group Courses possible on request. With Cologne's stunning art districts, finical hubs, and throngs of tourists, the people of Cologne have been looking for ways to relax, focus, and get what they need done. That's why Vedic Meditation offers courses in Daily Meditation to people who want that sense of stability and focus that we're all looking for. If you live in Cologne, or are staying for a little while, simply get in touch with one of our teachers – use the free lifetime support offered with every Vedic Meditation course and grow your understanding of meditation. Private courses are available too, for those with little time, but more resources. Personal Consolations, Advanced Courses and Beginner Courses are offered to the people living within the boundaries of Cologne's amazing gothic architecture. If you ask, a Vedic Meditation teacher is often available to give a free stress management talk at your small (or large) business. Simply contact them here and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Weekend retreats are held all over Germany. So if you have already learned, but are looking for a weekend away to deepen your practice, look no further and contact here. As always, free refresher courses are available. Simply contact a teacher and they'll put you in the next available course!
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