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Welcome to Vedic Meditation in Berlin

Regular courses from qualified teachers in the German Capital
Vedic Meditation is alive and well in Berlin – with courses running weekly or fortnightly and private sessions being held all over the city. With Berlin's famous night life, art scene, and start-up culture, people in Berlin have been in need of a tool to unwind, refresh, and reinvigorate. Vedic Meditation has offered just that, and a community of meditators have developed in the capital. If you are in town, or perhaps live in Berlin, simply contact one of our teachers and make use of your free lifetime support. Additionally, weekend and weeklong retreats are held in Brandenburg and surrounding areas. Advanced courses, personal consultations are available with our German speaking teachers there. Teachers will often be happy to hold free stress management talks at your business or co-working spaces. All you need to do is ask. Weekly group courses are held in homes, parks, and event locations in and around Mitte, Neukölln, Prenzlauer berg, Friedrichshain, and almost every other Kiez in the city of Berlin. Free refresher courses are held twice a month, for students who want to get back into for daily practice and continue to experience the benefits of Vedic Meditation.
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