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Certified Sessions from Trained Teachers in Southern Germany
Vedic Meditation courses for Munich can be held each month, with One-on-One or Group Courses possible on request. With Munich's powerful business sector, established art scene, and overwhelming events around October, people in Munich need ways to take a moment to themselves, wind down, and stay on top of their game. Vedic Meditation in Munich gives those people a tool (and a chance) to find the stability and focus to get through the day. If you live in Munich, or often pass through, get in touch with a teacher. Make use of your free lifetime support and join a refresher course, or get access to a weekend retreat. Also, if you're new to Vedic Meditation, check out a beginners course. Personal Consolations, Advanced Courses and Beginner Courses can be found also. With trained Vedic Meditation teachers available to hold free stress management talks are your place of work or agency.
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